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Gumbo Mylar Bag 16 Oz (1lb)


Gumbo Mylar Bag 16 Ounce

All mylar bags are all sold EMPTY. Please note that we are just a packaging company.

Material: Plastic (Matte and skin touch)
Capacity16 Ounces; 1 Pound
Size: 15" x 18”
Design: Gumbo
Function: Smell proof, child proof, long-term storage, odor-proof, durable packaging, control moisture loss, maintain potency

Premium 16 Ounce Mylar Storage Bags for Cannabis Preservation

Optimal Freshness Preservation: Our 16-ounce Mylar bags are designed to keep your cannabis at peak freshness. The airtight seal locks in the aroma and shields the contents from oxygen, which can degrade quality over time, ensuring your cannabis remains as potent and fresh as the day it was sealed.

Advanced UV Protection: Protect your cannabis from the harmful effects of UV light with our specially designed Mylar bags. The light-resistant material preserves the integrity of your product, safeguarding its flavors and active compounds from light-induced damage.

Discreet and Odor-Proof: Our bags offer an effective solution for odor management, containing the strong scents of cannabis and maintaining discretion for users. This feature is ideal for personal storage or retail settings where scent containment is essential.

Mylar Bag Design:  Gumbo

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India Jackson
These are some really good packs

I love these packs this is the only website I order my packs from

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