Black Cherry Gelato Mylar Bag 1 oz


Black Cherry Gelato Mylar Bag 1 Ounce

All mylar bags are all sold EMPTY. Please note that we are just a packaging company.

Material: Plastic (Matte and skin touch)
Capacity1 Ounce
Design: Black Cherry Gelato
Function: Smell proof, child proof, long-term storage, odor-proof, durable packaging, control moisture loss, maintain potency

Top-Quality 1 Ounce Mylar Bags for Freshness and Durability

Mylar bags offer an exceptional combination of freshness and durability for all your storage needs. Their robust design ensures long-lasting protection and maintains the quality of contents from the elements, making them the ideal choice for preserving freshness over time. 

Airtight Seal

Mylar bags create a hermetic seal, locking in your cannabis's freshness and aroma while preventing oxygen from compromising its quality. Oxidation is effectively minimized, preserving cannabinoids and terpenes 

Light-Resistant Design

Shield your cannabis from UV light, a known threat to its chemical integrity. Mylar bags provide protection against harmful rays, safeguarding the potency and flavor of your buds.

Odor-Proof Security

Keep your cannabis aroma discreetly contained. These bags feature robust odor-proof seals, ensuring that your cannabis's captivating scent stays sealed inside.

Moisture Resistance

Mold and mildew are no match for our moisture-resistant Mylar bags. They protect against humidity-related damage, ensuring your cannabis remains in pristine condition.

Mylar Bag Design:  Black Cherry Gelato

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