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Killer Kandy 2 Mylar Bag 3.5 Grams

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Killer Kandy 2 MYLAR BAG 3.5 GRAMS

All mylar bags are all sold EMPTY. Please note that we are just a packaging company.

Material: Plastic (Matte and skin touch)
Capacity3.5 Grams
Bag Size: 4" x 5"
Design: Killer Kandy 2
Function: Smell proof, child proof, long-term storage, odor-proof, durable packaging, control moisture loss, maintain potency

Smell Proof, Odor-Resistant Ziplock Packaging 

Maintain the freshness of your valuable products and prevent the early spoilage often caused by time and exposure. For long-term preservation without a decline in quality, securely encase your items in a Mylar bag. Renowned for its strong, pliable nature and superior barrier qualities, Mylar effectively blocks out unwanted oxygen and gases from the environment, ensuring your products stay fresh for extended periods.

What makes mylar bags so effective?

 In essence, Mylar bags are sturdy, lightweight, and airtight.

Their sturdiness means there's no concern about the bag tearing under the weight of its contents. They're light and adaptable, molding to the shape of the items inside and shrinking as oxygen is removed, plus they feature a handy reusable ziplock for easy access. And when sealed, they create an effective barrier that isolates the inside contents from external conditions, allowing you to regulate oxygen levels, moisture, and light exposure. The secret to preserving your stockpile for years, even decades, is minimizing exposure to oxygen, humidity, and light.

Mylar Bag Design:  Killer Kandy 2

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Jesse Lewelling

Killer Kandy 2 Mylar Bag 3.5 Grams

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