The Benefits of Using Mylar Bags and How to Use Them

Food storage and mylar are two terms that go side by side. People who purchase certain food products like wheat and rice in bulk make use of mylar in storing.

Many cannabis users also have a strong bonding with mylar. Weed smokers usually purchase buds in a large amount, which cannot be placed in a random container for storage. There must be a specialized bag that would keep its flavor intact. And that bag is a mylar bag.

Dispensaries store cannabis in these bags. This way, products stay fresh for a long time.

Let's see what mylar bags are and why they are beneficial in storing cannabis.

Mylar Bags

You might have heard of mylar because of its popularity with helium balloons. Mylar is a special kind of material that was created in the 1950s by DuPont Chemical Company. Since its discovery, mylar has been used in a variety of things. One most common use is helium balloons.

Since mylar keeps oxygen, heat, and moisture away, it is the best for long-term food storage. For this reason, Mylar bags are popular for storing cannabis. Mylar bags work like vacuum-sealed bags that protect the stored product from all kinds of damage. These bags are very lightweight and don't get torn easily.

Mylar bags not only keep the air out but also hold back the gas. These bags are best for storing cannabis as they don't let the air escape through them. The weed will taste and smell as fresh as day one, even after storing in Mylar bags for years.

Benefits of Mylar Bags

So many storage benefits of mylar bags set them apart from the rest of the storage containers. Since they maintain the product quality even after years, mylar bags are the best choice for storing cannabis. Here's why it is beneficial:

Maintain Quality and Maximize Lifespan

By keeping the oxygen and moisture away, mylar keeps the product fresh for a long time. Therefore, storing food products in a mylar bag is beneficial as it maintains the food quality and maximizes lifespan. 


Since light exposure can affect the color, taste, odor, and potency of a bud, it is necessary to store it in an opaque bag where light cannot enter. Mylar bags are just the right solution as they are completely opaque. The core of this foil is made of aluminum; thus, the bags keep the light away, retaining the natural flavor, color, and odor of the buds.

Keeps Bud Fresh

Water and air are the major culprits that degrade food products over time. But since mylar bags keep water and air away, the food products stay fresh in them for a very long time. Keeping cannabis locked in it is the best idea as it will keep the bud fresh.

Free of Toxins

Many plastic bags add toxic chemicals to the food product that is stored in them. Since plastic storage bags are made with synthetic chemicals, the chemicals may seep into the food stored in the bags. In the case of mylar bags, there are no such nasty chemicals. Therefore, storage in mylar bags is safe as it keeps the products free of toxins.


Sealing a Mylar bag is a piece of cake. They are normally sealed with an impact heat sealer or a clamshell heat sealer. But there is no issue if you don't have any sealer. Heating the bag with an iron or a hair straightener can do the job equally well. Remember that mylar bags should be heat sealed to perform their job effectively.


Mylar bags are very strong that don't get damaged even if you wash them and remove the original seal. You can simply wash an already used mylar bag and store any other food product while retaining its original aroma and flavor.


Unlike other storage bags, mylar bags are tear-resistant. They are strong enough to carry a food product for a long time. During the storage period, neither the bag nor the product gets any type of damage.

Various Sizes

Mylar bags are available in various sizes in which you can easily store any product of any size. This trait is particularly beneficial for cannabis storage as it allows us to store different kinds of cannabis easily. Once sealed, the mylar bag keeps the air out to retain the natural potency. 

Odor Resistant

Mylar bags do not let the odor of any food product escape through the bag. The bag does not absorb the aroma. Rather, the odor is retained by the bag even after months. Cannabis odor plays an important part in enhancing its flavor. For this reason, mylar bags are abundantly used for their storage as these bags keep the odor of cannabis intact.

Storing Cannabis Permanently in Mylar Bags

People who use cannabis for pleasure and relaxation often use mylar bags to store cannabis. Other than that, large dispensaries owners also use these bags to store cannabis buds for their customers.

Mylar bags are ideal for cannabis storage due to a number of reasons. When stored in these bags, the products do not get any exposure to light, oxygen, or moisture. Having a cool and dark environment helps buds thrive, and that's how cannabis can be permanently stored in a mylar bag.

Cannabis contains some chemicals that get decayed with light, moisture, and air. Many terpenes get affected when exposed to light. Since they are responsible for giving a characteristic aroma to a cannabis strain, the smell will be lost on light exposure.

How to Use Mylar Bags

Apart from cannabis, so many other food products like wheat, pasta, sugar, and other such items can be stored in a mylar bag for a significantly long time. For storing any item, the steps will be the same. You will need:

  • Clamshell heat sealer or impulse sealer
  • Oxygen absorbers
  • Label

Here is a step-by-step guide on using mylar bags the right way.

Fill the Bags

If you are storing cannabis at home, a small-sized mylar bag will work for you. Nevertheless, you can get a bigger bag if you have a lot of products to store. After picking the right-sized bag, fill in the product. Ensure that you leave enough space to seal the bag. If you are using a vacuum sealer, you have to leave comparatively more space than when you are using an iron to seal the bag.

Add an Oxygen Absorber

Though mylar bags themselves are good at keeping the oxygen away, it is a good approach to add an oxygen absorber on the top of food products to prevent mold growth or insects infestation.

Just like bags, oxygen absorbers also come in different sizes. Many times you don't have to find an oxygen absorber. They often come along with mylar bags. You just have to open a packet and pop it in the bag on the top of the food product.

Make sure to seal the rest of the oxygen absorbers instantly to protect them. You can keep them safe in an airtight container. 

Seal the Mylar Bags

After adding the oxygen absorber, you should not leave the bag unsealed for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, the oxygen absorbers may not work efficiently.

It is best if you have an impulse sealer or a clamshell heat sealer lying around. Sealing with one of these is the right approach for mylar bags. But if you don't have either of these, you can use simple household tools to do the job.

Iron: Using a flat iron is a smart approach to sealing mylar bags. Simply place the bag carefully on a plain board. You can do this on an iron board as well. Run the iron along the seam. Continue to do this until the bag is completely sealed. 

Hair Straightener: This method is far easier than iron. You can seal the bag easily by holding it vertically. You need to prevent the formation of air bubbles during heating. Using the hair straightener, tack the bag from the center first. And then tack it at about quarter. No air bubbles will form this way. Later on, slide the hair straightener carefully across the top until the bag is completely sealed.

Vacuum Sealer: Many people do have vacuum sealers that work perfectly fine with mylar bags. If you have one, the task will be easier for you. Otherwise, an iron or a hair straightener is the best sealing tool for mylar bags. 

Store the Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are not rodent-proof. Rodents can make their way through the mylar bag without a hitch and will thrive on the stored food. If you often see rodents around your house, you need to be extra careful in food storage. Instead of keeping the mylar bags in a cardboard box, place them in a plastic container. The place will be dark, dry, and cool for cannabis storage.

You can keep the cannabis-contained mylar bags in a freezer without any issue. But don't do that right after sealing it in the bag. Let the oxygen absorber do its job for at least three days; after that, you can place it in the freezer for permanent storage.

Cannabis Storage Tips

For storing a cannabis bud, you need to follow some extra measures to keep your product safe and fresh for a long time. Since cannabis is all about flavor and aroma, no one can bear losing any of these. To maintain the cannabis quality for a long time, follow these cannabis storage tips:

Keep Away from Children

Make sure the storage space is away from the reach of children. For extra safety, you can purchase child-resistant mylar bags that have a security seal that cannot be opened by children. Having a secure cannabis bag keeps you stress-free even if you have curious children at home. 

Place in a Cool Environment

The reason we smoke cannabis is terpenes and THC, which are heat sensitive. Storing them at a high temperature will leave nothing for us. All its flavors will be gone. Therefore, storing it at a low temperature at around 20 to 22 degrees is necessary to keep the buds fresh.

Block the Light

THC in the bud is a major chemical that induces a euphoric effect. Light, especially UV light, can decay THC in the bud, ultimately affecting its high. Other than that, some terpenes are also sensitive to light that gets decayed when exposed to it.

Though mylar bags are opaque, we still need to be careful to increase the lifespan of buds. Store the bud containing mylar bag in the dark to block the light completely. 

Keep at a Dry Place

The best way to store any food product for a long time is to keep it in a dry place. There should not be any humidity and moisture. Having moisture above 65% puts it at risk of mold and microbial contamination. Even though mylar bags are airtight, it is still better to place them in a dry place.

Label the Mylar Bag

After sealing the mylar bag, don't forget to label it with the date and name of the strain. This gives you clear data of when you stored it. A label helps everyone at home in identifying it. Even if you forget the packing date, the label will help you remember it.

Thaw Naturally

When you want to use the cannabis bud, let it thaw naturally. There is no need to rush, as unnatural ways may affect the cannabis flavors. You should wait for at least 24 hours before opening the package. 

In Conclusion

Mylar bags serve as the best food storage option so far. Unlike other plastic bags that contain synthetic chemicals, mylar bags are free of those toxic compounds. Also, these plastic bags are not airtight. 

Some people like to consider metal containers, but they get filled with air again after some time. So we are left with mylar bags that fulfill all the criteria to store food products without losing their quality. This is one reason why dispensaries use mylar bags in bulk to store cannabis.